Sunday, December 7, 2008

What this blog is about

Hello, I am a woman married to a man who is HIV positive, and I am HIV negative. In my quest to find support for others in a similar situation as me, I found there are almost no resources or available information for my situation.

Just a short time ago, I got in touch with another woman in a similar situation. We decided to start this blog. We want to meet other women out there with a situation like ours. We are hoping to change policies and procedures that will make it possible for us to get pregnant using a technique called "sperm washing."

Please join us, leave your comments!

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Lisa said...

dear DR how are you
now I have to apologize for taking so long to get back to you.They sent the package there is a lot of information
There. I am still going over it. They really seem to know what they are doing.It just seems a little impersonal .I would prefer doing this with you as our Doctor unless there is a medical break through in the next six seven months .maybe there will be. you never know It seems as if we have been so close to a miracle breakthrough
Of some sort. Whether it be some sort of vaccine or a cure .I have the impression from cretin people in your Field that we already do. And they just have not let out the info.
It seems like there should be a much easier way .Have you herd of anything lately ? I am looking forward to hearing from you

all the best lisa

This is a letter I sent to a doctor we met with.
He only had worked with one other couple.I thought he wanted to work with us. At first
I guess I miss understood English is his 2MD language he was pushing us to go to Columbia.
They sent us a package .As I said before it was overwhelming.
I really relate to your letter about your husband.In the past the first thought that came to mind was
if you get that you die.because that's what all the magazines were husband has had this for 26 years and you would never know it if you just met him That's the message that the world needs to hear they need to make a movie that shows the truth about this disease people can live a long time with it.we
went to an HIV counselor one time and she said he might out live us both.Its that other disease he has to watch out for drug addiction.the one that got him into this mess in the first place.I am grateful to
say my husband is sober he has seven years clean.And works a really good program.The last couple of years have been the most difficult.To day is Christmas and i don't want to sound idealistic .I am going to keep the Faith. I think we need a new vision i am visualizing that the knowers of the truth are going to read this and help couples in this situation this is what i am visualizing a new way that someone out there well here this and there is going to be help for couples in this situation.I am even going as far to say i be-live this well be a thing of the past.