Sunday, February 8, 2015

PrEP on the way!

About two weeks ago, I went to an appointment to see about getting a prescription for PrEP.  I kept putting it off, thinking that if more time went by, I would become comfortable with the idea of unprotected sex to conceive without PrEP.  But I couldn't get comfortable with it, so to the appointment I went.

I was scared that I'd have another experience of the doctor refusing to prescribe it, and then hurling ignorant judgmental statements at me for even considering having unprotected sex with my husband...PrEP or no PrEP. But if we want to have another baby, then I'd just have to deal with whatever came up at the appointment. So, I called and the woman who answered seemed a bit rushed...I told her I'd like to make an appointment with the Dr. She asked what was the nature of my wanting an appointment. I said, "I'd like to get a prescription for PrEP."

Suddenly I was aware of my pounding heartbeat, and held breath, waiting for her response. She said, "Oh, you can see the Physician's Assistant (PA) for that, we can get you in sooner that way." Oh my goodness. The relief. The acceptance. The lack of judgement.

As the appointment date drew closer, I began to have a fear that I would seem out of place in the waiting room.  You see, this doctor treats many HIV (and non-HIV) patients in the Castro District of San Francisco. I thought I'd be sitting in a room full of burly men with large mustaches, tight leather pants, and studded black boots. And they'd all look at little ole' me and wonder what in the hell I was doing there.

But, the patients in the waiting room all looked "normal." And I judgmental of me! What is "normal" anyway?

Needless to say, the PA ordered some blood work and then told me if all is normal on the blood work, she will send the prescription electronically to my pharmacy. She made sure I knew to take it every day, get blood work done every 3 months, and to be aware of side effects.

As I walked out of the office, I felt relieved that it went so well, and once again realized that the fight to have a baby with my husband was behind me...


Anonymous said...

Great news. I am in the same boat as you. I have the Truvada ready to go for the first time. I will take one pill the day before ovulation and one the next morning. That evening we will try... and fingers crossed it works. I have a great doctor aswell. She is behind be 100% and she is the one that taught me about Truvada. Before that i thought i was never gunna have a baby. Good luck. Cant wait to hear your next post.

Anonymous said...

do you think this is available in the Philippines? we've asked about this at our local treatment hub, but they said that this is not available. their option was to bring my husband's viral load down to the undetectable level then try only once.
is this even safe?

looking forward to your advice.

--Mrs. Negative of Mr. Positive

Anonymous said...

Hello there. . Wow I never thought of seeing a serodiscorant couple in the Philippines. Im a Filipino too (+, hetero male). I hope I can find a wife that's as supportive as you. Your husband is very lucky.

Anonymous said...

i am from india.. no doctors out here are suggesting Prep to me..most whom we visited say that you'll just need to take a chance and saying there is no guarantee of the hiv being passed to me thru my husband, in the bargain since my husband dosen't want to take the risk he has decided to drop the idea of ever having a baby, when i read blogs and see online other people having children inspite of the hiv status it makes me feel low. is it really safe to have a prep and does it guarantee me of not ever contracting hiv from my so want a child ... i have no one whom i can talk to since i haven't disclosed this to anyone in my family or friends due to the society stigma of hiv ...i deal with my own emotions alone :( :(