Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Girl!

Our beautiful healthy baby girl was born in April 2013.  She is beyond what my wildest imagination could have conjured...far beyond.

The labor and delivery went quickly with no complications.  It was a beautiful day.

The greatest miracle of all is how my family has reacted to her.  For all the years of heartache, years of rejecting my marriage and maintaining their distance, it turns out that my parents are incredible grandparents.

 I can't tell you all how much I appreciate your support and encouragement.  I read all of your emails and comments, and feel honored that you would tell me intimate and personal details about your own relationships with HIV+ spouses/partners.  It was a scary journey with many ups and downs, but my heart led me to this point, and I am filled with deep gratitude.

And so the journey to conceive a child has ended.....and the new adventure of parenthood begins.


Anonymous said...

I could not be happier for you! You are such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

congratulations,a baby girl.
I feel happy and relived for you.
Are you still negative after 3months of birth,then it will be like that,Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Happy birth month to your baby girl. Tapping into ur strenght.