Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nanny Fears

We hired a nanny this week to care for our little one while husband and I work...our schedules no longer allow for one of us to be with her every day at home.

As we were prepping for the nanny to start this week, we cleaned the house and put away some personal items such as mail, bills, etc.  As we were cleaning, it occurred to me that maybe we should hide my husband's HIV meds (they are in an area near the kitchen counter), just in case the nanny sees them, googles them, and freaks out!

His "meds area" looks like a small pharmacy.  He takes the HIV meds, but also arthritis meds, psoriasis meds, headache meds, fish oil capsules, vitamins, and general pain meds. There are many more than what is visible in this photo...

I left it up to my husband to decide whether he's comfortable with his meds out in the open like this....he didn't remove them or hide them.  I'm proud of him, but am still struggling myself...fearing that if she googles the names of these meds, she's going to stop being our nanny.  I know that if she does quit on us for this reason, we're better off without her, but its just the realities of our situation. People treat you differently when they know you're HIV+...its unfortunate, but true. 

It took us months to find this nanny. She's great with our little one, she cooks, cleans, and drives! We are comfortable leaving our daughter with her. We've known her for almost 15 years, but she doesn't know his status.  I guess she will now!

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