Monday, September 1, 2014

What's Most Important

After a few posts of processing things that were making me angry and bitter, I decided today will be a day that I come back to what's most important.  My husband and my little girl, and how having a little family was all made possible by many people who are fighting a fight who do not get enough recognition, pats on the back, gratitude, publicity, or understanding.

I am just amazed by all the people who fought and paved the way for me to take Truvada (PrEP) and get pregnant...Shannon Weber, BAPAC's Dr. Cohan, all the doctors that I'll never meet, who made it their life's work to learn about and treat HIV and more importantly, who keep working to find a cure for HIV. The HIV advocates who bring HIV awareness to the forefront when we all start to forget.  The journalists, like Heather Boerner, who found enough interest in this subject that it inspired her to write a book and many articles about HIV and PrEP (Positively Negative...Read it!)

These people were fighting for ME. They had my face and my name on their mind when they felt discouraged and defeated...they kept pushing and challenging the status quo, that I could hold my baby in my arms.

And then there's my husband.  For 14 years he let me fervently chase down my dreams, went to the many doctor appointments with me, rejoiced with me when a door opened, and mourned with me when that door shut.

It is his voice in my ear, telling me to keep pushing, encouraging me as I labored, and crying so sweetly when our baby was laid on my is his voice that was the loudest and for that I am most grateful.  He really is the love of my life.  He is my heart and soul.  He is everything.

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